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Abhinav Career Scope is a perfect career guide platform that helps students and parents find their career. This achieves by different type of counseling. The first is through Aptitude Test and it's Counselling, one to one counselling ,DMIT test and it's counselling etc. Also specialisation in engineering admission process counselling and other fields like Medical, Architect , Pharmacy , Design etc.

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  • Aptitude Test and it's counselling.
  • DMIT test and it's counselling.
  • Specialisation in Engineering admission
    process counselling.
  • Specialisation in admission process
    counselling of fields like Medical, Architect ,
    Pharmacy , Design.
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28 May

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Find Out What to Do After Graduation through the Personalized Career Counselling

Education and schooling is a long journey and starts from childhood & continues till the person gets young. The choice that he adopts in middle and higher education determines the career prospects. Graduation is therefore essential and grooms the student in the chosen field of academics/skills.

Shine up your Future with Career Counselling’s

Career is indeed a vast topic which is related to the life cycle of any educated and groomed person. It is related to the working aspects of an individual’s life. Career can also be defined as the working of an individual which is directly related to his/her education or the professional training.

Startup Guide

With graduation approaching, it's the season of year when we as a whole have a tendency to think back about secondary school. For a great deal of us, that implies contemplating every one of the things we fouled up subsequent to hurling those tops into the air. Here are a couple of suggestions I wish somebody had gone down to me.