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Our History

Abhinav Career Scope was founded in 2008 and is based in Pune Mahrashtra.

We have unique assessment program understanding the need of student at every stage. We help students understand, evaluate and realize which career is best suited for them based on their aptitude, multiple intelligence, interests, priorities, study habits, learning style, adjustment levels, ambition & thought process.

While choosing the right career for students, our proprietary career recommendation engine, also considers external influencers like opportunities, eligibility, personal situations, budgets and demographics. Coupled with these valuable insights our experts are ready to guide your children for a future which is the best fit for them.

Mrs Reena Bhutada

MSc Physics (Ferguson College), IT professional in past, Worked with Cybage Software, HSBC and Zensoft leading IT companies.

Author of Engineering Cutoff Book. Currently working as Career Counselor. Conducts Aptitude Test and DMIT test for students for career Selection.